How To Restore Vintage Leather Bomber Jackets

Ever wonder how to restore a vintage leather bomber jacket? The United States Air Force may no longer allow risque nose art, but fortunately the Army Air Corps bomber crews during World War II were less enlightened than we are today. Faded artwork on the back of a vintage leather bomber jacket may give it character, but the first priority of any one lucky to come across a small piece of military history should be the condition of the leather. Returning the garment from cracked and dry condition to its original state.

Things You Will Need:

  • Baseball Glove Oil in Less than Ideal Situations or a product designed to work with dry leather
  • Newspaper or something to place under the vintage bomber jacket
  • Enough space to work 


  1. Place the newspaper or other protective material on the work space. Place the vintage leather bomber jacket on the work space. Open any windows. A fan is helpful as the products used to restore leather often contain strong chemicals with an unpleasant smell.
  2. Read the directions on the back of the bottle that you intend to use to restore the vintage leather bomber jacket. The author understands that reading the instructions first goes against the male code. Rushing work on a vintage leather bomber jacket is not a good thing
  3. Apply the restoration product to one part of the jacket at a time. Make sure to do it gently as moving the vintage bomber jacket may cause the leather to crack further or fall apart.
  4. When the first coat dries, turn the vintage leather bomber jacket over gently. Apply the coat to the other side and let it set there for the recommended amount of time.
  5. Remove the jacket after the restoration product works its way into the coat. If the vintage bomber jacket had artwork on the back, the process of restoring the leather may have altered it. A person who feels comfortably touching up the picture can find the necessary paints at a local craft store.
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