How To Restring A Compound Bow

For most bow hunters, the question of how to restring a compound bow is left to a professional shop. They have all the gear, expertise, and insurance to deal with any mishaps. Yet in every field, pioneers ache to be different. Hunters have successfully and safely restrung their own compound bows without disasters befalling them.

To restring a compound bow, you will need:

  • A compound bow
  • A bow press
  • A new string matching your bow’s specifications
  1. Inspect your compound bow and the string carefully. If you think the string might snap if you try to pull it, don’t try. Tension keeps the bow tight, and the sudden release could send the string flying into your face like a weed eater. If the pulleys are cracked or look worn out, go to a professional.
  2. Insert your bow properly into the bow press. The handgrip locks into the center lock, and the limbs are locked into the arms. Tension adjusters bend the limbs of the bow so the strings are removable. Do not remove them yet.
  3. Inspect and wax the new string first. This makes life so much easier. Check the new strings for imperfections, cracks or breaks. If the new string is defective, it will be worse than bad tires on a car. Wax the new string to ensure it glides smoothly during installation and use.
  4. Install the new string over the old one while it’s still in the bow. Following the current string, place the new one over the old. Carefully remove the old string without pulling the new string out of place.
  5. Give everything one last inspection. This is the last chance to ensure everything has been done properly. Check the pulleys, string and the bow. This is one time details count.
  6. Release the tension and remove the bow. Slowly release the tension on the bow press and take the bow out. Hold it up. Check to make sure the bow is still bent straight. Carefully pull back on the string. Do not let it loose all at once. Carefully let the string return to its starting place.
  7. Try the bow out at an archery range. Try the bow at a local archery range. Performed properly, changing the bowstring on a compound bow should not affect its ability to shoot straight. If the bow was bent incorrectly in the press, the range office may have a professional on staff who can fix it for you.
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