How To Retire In Canada

Learning about how to retire in Canada can never be a wasted effort, as Canada is increasingly becoming one of the best places to retire to in the world today. Canada is an attractive, politically and economically stable, safe and affluent country. Each year many people dream of retiring to this free, beautiful and welcoming country. However, Canada does not have provisions for retired persons in their visa program. Therefore, to retire in Canada the immigration options available to you are limited to those below.

  1. Move to Canada as a skilled worker. To be eligible for this you must be educated to a high degree and also must possess relevant work experience. And you must have an excellent command of both the English and French languages.
  2. Move as Business Class. You can apply for permanent residence status under Business Class immigration if you have the money to invest or start a business in Canada and, as a result, contribute to the country’s economy. You will either apply as an entrepreneur, self-employed person or an investor.
  3. Move as Family Class. If you have close family living in Canada, they can sponsor your permanent residence application. However, you will have to prove the relationship and also that your sponsor can support you as well as your dependents for a period of three to ten years.
  4. Move as Quebec-Selected. If your destination to Canada is Quebec, then apply directly to Quebec under the Quebec-Selected Class as you may stand a better chance of being approved. Quebec's government is in agreement with the Canadian government on the permanent residence immigration procedures in Quebec.
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