How To Retire Early In Canada

Learning how to retire early in Canada is vital to those working in Canada. Depending on where you would like to retire, some of us begin thinking about it earlier than retirement age. Florida has their ‘snow birds’, where retiree’s head down in the winter time and back to their normal home in the summer time. Arizona is another place that people like to go when they retire. If you are looking for options, then maybe Canada is also a good place to think about. Canada has the stipulation that you need a job or at least a way to keep yourself out of poverty. Retiree’s have that, in the bag, so to speak. Whether they have invested money, have a retirement income from their jobs or simply living off Uncle Sam.


  1. Canada does have their stipulations though. Immigration laws go into affect here and it is best to speak to an immigration lawyer before you start packing.  According to David Aujla, an immigration lawyer, there are points that have to be considered, “the selection grid for skilled worker applications relies on achieving 67 points based on age, education, language skills and work experience."
  2. These points are based on how long since you have retired, if you are still working or planning on having a business in Canada. Anything after the age of 49 will have 2 points deducted.  So it is good to check on retiring long before that.
  3. An excellent reason for retiring to Canada is their quality of life and cost of living. They have been in the top ten according to the United Nations Development Programme. (Shelter Offshore)
  4. In order to move to Canada, there will be a medical exam and also checking with the immigration laws to make sure you have the points they require.  Once you are allowed into Canada, you will find a lifestyle that may be better than where you are living now.  So enjoy that retirement in a place you want to live out the rest of your life.
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