How To Retire Happy, Wild, And Free

Here are several tips for how to retire happy, wild, and free. Avoid  struggle, poor health and stress during the golden years.  Let go of all of the inhibitions that children, work and responsibility place on the soul.  Create the perfect retirement now! Follow these tips for a fulfilling, successful  retirement.

1. Retire from a fulfilling career.  A job should be meaningful. Freedom comes with purpose, success, and fulfillment. It doesn't  matter how much money is made. Don't spend 30 years working a terrible job.

2. Keep meaningful people around. Friends and family are everything. They bring joy, love and happiness.   Size Doesn't matter. Quality is important.  Remain surrounded by caring, nurturing, friendly people. Get rid of people who cause stress, pain and sadness.

3. Move to an environment that is suited for personal tastes and interests. Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean are fantastic luxurious places to retire.  Some Retirees may prefer to be surrounded by mountains or snow. Live in a community that fosters creativity, happiness and freedom.

4. Be involved. Get involved in the local community.  Create a great social network and engage in activity. Volunteering, charities, and social organizations are all fantastic options.

5. Take risks. Fulfill every single dream. Never be consumed with fear.  Practicality can often be a burden.

6. Save money.  Freedom and happiness are priceless, however money is useful. Be prepared for the financial aspects of retirement. Avoid unnecessary stress.


Everyone should retire happy, wild and free. Following these six tips are a step in the right direction!  A man should create their own destiny.  Retirement should be a time of joy and happiness. Avoid the perils and stress associated with work life.

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