How Retireees Socialize In Retirement Communities

If you have a parent who is interested in moving into a retirement community, you may be wondering how retirees socialize in retirement communities. Socialization in a retirement community can be difficult when you don’t know anyone, and you may feel hesitant to participate in activities.

Choose a retirement community that has a wide range of programs for active retirees, who may prefer a game where the answers are shouted out, as well as programs for retirees who prefer a quiet activity, with one or two people.

Some of the ways retirees socialize in retirement communities include:

  1. Retirees sit together for meals. Talking to others at mealtimes can not only be fun, but conversation can ease feelings of loneliness, as well as leading to a lively discussion or debate about current events or a shared interest.
  2. Retirees attend church with other retirees. Worshipping together, and participating in church social activities such as potlucks, parties, and theme nights, gives retirees the chance to socialize away from the retirement community, as well as tasting new foods, and wearing nicer clothing to church.
  3. Retirees attend activities by an outside group. Local community groups may visit retirement communities to play music, conduct classes, give speeches, or show films.
  4. Retirees participate in trips outside the retirement community. Retirement communities offer transportation to take retirees shopping, to a play or movie, or to visit a local museum, among other activities.
  5. Retirees join special clubs. Joining a club such as a garden club, debate club, or knitting club, allows retirees to engage in an activity that is enjoyable and keeps the mind active.

Socializing in retirement communities allows retirees to meet new friends, learn new activities, and feel less hesitant about trying something different.

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