How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From Samsung Solstice

If you've deleted an important text message you need to get back, you'll want to learn how to retrieve deleted text messages from Samsung Solstice. The messages are stored on your phone's SIM card, and when you delete one it doesn't erase it automatically. Instead, it overwrites that space with new information. If you refrain from using your phone as much as possible and act quickly, you may be able to retrieve the deleted text from your Samsung Solstice phone.

Items You'll Need

  • SIM card recovery software program
  • USB reader


  1. Download a SIM Card Recovery Software program. Programs such as Data Doctor Recovery or SIM Card Data Recovery, both available for a trial download from, can be used to retrieve deleted text messages from your Samsung Solstice. Install the software onto your computer and follow the onscreen setup instructions.
  2. Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card. Take the SIM card out so you can retrieve deleted text messages from your Samsung Solstice. The SIM card is where your Samsung Solstice saves all your text messages, and will have a record of the deleted text messages on it.
  3. Insert your SIM card into a USB reader. Plug this into your computer and run the software program you downloaded. The software will run on the SIM card and give you options for viewing and retrieving data you have deleted. Select the deleted text messages or other data you want to retrieve from your Samsung Solstice.
  4. Contact your service provider to retrieve important deleted messages. In a case where the deleted text message you want to retrieve from your Samsung Solstice is very important, contact your cell phone service provider and ask them to retrieve the message. Keep in mind the provider may refuse and only offer the information in cases where the text message might be important in a lawsuit, such as trying to prove that someone is harassing you. If the service provider refuses to give you the information and you need it for a legal matter, talk to local law enforcement, a lawyer, or another legal person handling your case and they may get a court order to retrieve the deleted text messages.

When you need to retrieve a deleted text message from your Samsung Solstice, perform this procedure or contact your cell phone service provider for help as soon as possible. The longer you wait, and the more you use your phone, the less likely it will be that the SIM card will have information about the deleted text messages stored on it anymore.

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