How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Many people will give anything to have the tips on how to retrieve deleted text messages. Consider a scenario where you are playing games with your cell phone, going through your SMS and deleting the less important ones. The phone asks if you really want to delete the text message and your answer was a "Yes." Oops! Just then you realize you should have hit "No" because the text contains an important schedule addresses or maybe a lovey dovey text from your boyfriend.

At one point or the other, a lot of mobile phone users have accidentally deleted an important message. Your text messages, once deleted, is supposed to be erased forever. But if the space created by the deleted text message has not been over-written by something else, then the SMS is still there and can be recovered. If you have such experience and you want to recover any of such accidentally deleted SMS, here are some tips on how to retrieve deleted text messages.  

Things you'll need:

  • Access to local service provider
  • Recovery software
  • Memory software
  • Spy software
  1. Catch the text message: The easiest way to retrieve deleted text messages is to try catching the message before it is completely deleted and forward it back to your cell phone. Delete your track. If you miss it, there are other ways to do this. Find out which one best suits your need.  
  2. Request records from your provider: Another tip on how to retrieve deleted text messages from your phone is to request for all your text records from your provider. This method does not always work because of some privacy issues which will not allow the provider to divulge some information. Some providers may comply free of charge while some will demand for a court order.  
  3. Use of recovery software: This method of data recocery uses a USB SIM card reader. You can easily download a software like SIM data recovery or any other similar program. These softwares can be downloaded from any website that handles data recovery for sim cards and most of them have free trial versions.  
  4. Use of spy gadget: Amongst all the tips on how to retrieve deleted text messages, the use of phone spy in the mostly used, though it is bit expensive at a range of $100 to $150. Employers use it to spy on their employees. It is basically a card reader. To use this, remove your SIM from the cell phone and insert it in the gadget. Plug in the application to a computer and you will see the record of all your phone actions. The gadget can be used to retrieve any text file like text messages, contact numbers, log entries, etc. The downside to this application is that it does not work with every phone; you have to check your phone before buying.  
  5. Memory software: Another method worth trying on how to retrieve deleted text messages is the use of memory software. This software is loaded to your phone. As you send and receive text on your phone, they are saved and stored in the software. The software helps you to retrieve any deleted text whenever you want to without hitches. The downside of this application is that it recovers only ten to twenty messages. You will have a hard time retrieving messages older than that. 

With these tips on how to retrieve deleted text messages, you do not have to wonder if it is possible to retrieve your deleted messages. Just find out the best method for your need.

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