How To Retrieve Hotmail Sent Mail

Want to learn how to retrieve Hotmail sent mail?  Usually every email you write and send will be saved in the sent folder. However, sometimes Hotmail allows you to set this setting so you can decide if you want emails saved or not.

  1. Hotmail Options. To find Hotmail options just go to your inbox Hotmail page and in the upper right corner you should see the tab "Options."  Click on "Options" to get the drop down menu.  Next select "More Options" and this will bring up a new window called "Hotmail Options".
  2. Customize your mail. Under the "Customize your mail" tab you will want to click on "Save sent messages."
  3. Save sent messages. Under the "Save sent messages" you will have two options to choose from. Either "Don't save sent messages" or "Save all sent messages in sent folder."  Of course, you want to select the button next to "Save all sent messages in sent folder."  The next step is to click on the "Save" button. If you choose to cancel the entire process just click cancel and it will take you back to Hotmail Options window.  

Remember that saving the sent mail will count towards the allotted amount of memory you are allowed to use for the Hotmail account. As you get closer to the maximum amount of memory you could delete some sent emails from the sent folder.

Way you could save sent emails is using the "Bcc" options. This will send the email to you as well as the person you sent it to without them knowing you sent it to yourself.  You could also "cc" yourself too. It is up to you which one you want to use.



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