How To Retrieve Your Bank Of America Account Login

If you are a Bank of America customer who uses online banking, it's important that you learn how to retrieve your Bank of America account login. Whether you are a computer expert or not, you could possibly lose or forget your login information at some point. Any reasons can make this happen, even you may have stored your login information in your head! There are two steps you should follow in order to retrieve your Bank of America account login.

To retrieve your Bank of America account login, you will need:

  • Internet access
  • a Piece of Paper
  • a Pen
  • Your Social Security Number
  • BOA ATM Card Number or Check Card Number
  • BOA ATM Pin Number or Check Card Pin Number
  1. Visit the Bank of America's website on the Internet. When you get to the BOA's homepage, click on this link which says "Forgot or need help with your ID?". Select "I have an ATM or Check Card" option.  Enter your Social Security Number in the blanks. Once you click "Continue", it will take you to another page asking for your BOA ATM or Check Card Number, and you will need to enter the corresponding pin number. Right after you click "Continue", your BOA user id and password will be displayed. At this point, you will be asked if you want to change your BOA account login or not. Whether you made any changes or not, you should have a pen and a piece of paper handy so you can write down your Bank of America information.
  2. Access your Bank of America account with your current or new login. Now, take out the paper which has your BOA user id and password on it. Revisit the BOA login page. Now, Enter your login and password, and then click  "Sign In". You should be at your BOA account homepage in a quick second!

You are all set! It does not take long at all to retrieve your Bank of America account login with my instructions! The retrieval process can easily be taken care of through the use of the Internet. No more phone calls to the customer service department. In case you forget your login, now you know how to handle it hassle free!

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