How To Retrieve Your HDFC Netbanking Login

If you are a NetBanking customer with an “Access denied” message on your computer screen, you need to know how to retrieve your HDFC NetBanking login. Did you forget your NetBanking password (IPIN)? You may have entered the wrong IPIN several times, and you are locked out of your account. Or, maybe it has been a while (180 days or more) since you used the NetBanking service.

The FAQ section of the HDFC website offers a number of scenarios and solutions for your NetBanking login woes. In most cases, the solution is password regeneration. The NetBanking system randomly generates passwords. If you cannot remember yours, or if you can’t read all of the digits for login purposes, you can reset your password online.

  1. Visit the HDFC Bank website. Visit your internet favorites or bookmarks to access the HDFC website. Or, type the phrase “HDFC Bank” or “HDFC NetBanking” into the search bar of your favorite internet browser.
  2. Confirm your ID. Click on the “Insta IPIN” link and input your customer ID number. Confirm your customer ID number for a list of HDFC debit cards that are linked to your bank account.
  3. Reset your password. Select a linked debit card from the list and input your ATM PIN and expiration date. This will allow you to reset your NetBanking password (IPIN). The password must contain alpha-numeric characters, fifteen at the most. 
  4. Complete the password reset. Confirm your new password to complete the password reset. Passwords are case-sensitive, so remember this during confirmation and future logins.
  5. Re-login to NetBanking. After you have selected and confirmed your new password, re-login to HDFC NetBanking to access your bank account.

Although password regeneration is easily accomplished online, you can also request a new password through HDFC automated teller machines, phone banking if you have a telephone identification number (TIN), or a download form that you can submit at your local HDFC branch bank.

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