How to Return the Engagement Ring She Hates

It can be difficult to discover that you have to return the engagement ring that she hates. Not only is  your pride a little damaged, but now there is added hassle. It does not have to be as bad as it sounds.

  1. Ask her what she does and does not like about the ring. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. It may be tough to hear that the things you loved about the ring are the things that she hates, but just take it all in. There is no reason to return this ring, just to bring back another one she doesn't like.
  2. Listen carefully to what she says. It may seem silly, but even write a few things down after talking. (You don't want her to see you writing it down!) Be sure to find out the characteristics that are most important to her, like size, clarity, and even setting. Know what characteristics would never be acceptable.
  3. Take the information as well as the engagement ring that she hates back to the store. Be sure to have your receipt as this will make the process easier. If they offer to exchange the rings, stick with the refund if possible. This way, you are not tied down to this store and it's available choices.
  4. Look for a ring that matches her requests. If she wants a certain size diamond, start there. Only look at rings of this size. Then, narrow down the rings from there. Each time, remove rings that do not continue to meet her specification.
  5. There are two options at this point. After narrowing it down, you can go ahead and purchase the ring. Again, be sure that it fits the list. If you aren't sure about it, consider asking her to accompany you to the jewelry store. While the ring won't be a surprise, it will give her the opportunity to look around and make the choice. When you make a purchase with her there, you have a great chance of getting the ring she wants. (Please note, this is not always the case. Just because she is with you, does not mean that you won't have to return this ring. There is still a possibility that she will want something different, or see another ring somewhere else.) But, at this point, you have done all that you can to return the engagement ring that she hates as well as pick out a ring that she will enjoy.
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