How To Return Fast Balls In Tennis

If you are planning to play a tennis match soon, then it would be helpful for you to learn how to return fast balls in tennis. Tennis is a popular game to play while on a date, due to the ability for a couple to play (or two couples for doubles). By showing off your mad tennis skills and returning fast balls, you will surely impress anyone you are playing tennis with. 

For this exercise you will need:

  • a tennis racket
  • a tennis ball
  • a partner
  • speed and flexibility
  1. Stand in the ready position. In the ready position, you will stand in the middle rear of the tennis court. You should have your legs spread out with your knees slightly bent. You need to have your tennis racket in your dominant hand, preferably in the continental grip (or thumb on top of the octagonal handle).  
  2. Anticipate the angle of the ball. Watch your opponent's shoulders. You should be able to tell which side of the court the ball will most likely land by the angle of your opponent's shoulders. 
  3. Sprint for the ball. Once you have an idea of where the ball is going, sprint to that side of the court. The ball should hit the court and bounce which will give you enough time to lunge for it. Have your racket ready before you run.
  4. Try your hand at a backhand slice. The best way to return a fast ball is with a one handed backhand, or a backhand slice. This is accomplished by swinging the racket on the opposite side of your body with your dominant hand (thumb up) and following through. If you must use a forehand because you underestimated where the ball will be, use the same technique on your follow through. Hit the ball firmly, but do not hit the try to hit the heck out of it. 


Don't fret if you fail to hit the ball or return it straight to the net. A little extra practice may be needed. 

Do not try to hit the ball with a volley, or hitting the ball up in the air. It is most effective in tennis to hit the ball downward. 

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