How To Return A Fast Tennis Serve

Learning how to return a fast tennis serve is important for your game. As you progress in skill in tennis, you will likely encounter players that can serve faster and with more accuracy than you do. Take the following steps into account to learn how to return a fast tennis serve.

Things you'll need:

  • Tennis equipment
  • An opponent
  1. Stay low to get ready for the serve.  Keep your body low in order to quickly react to the serve. Needless to say, you should prepare yourself to react as quickly as possible to the fast tennis serve. Your feet and hands will need to react very quickly.
  2. Shorten your swing. When you return a fast serve you will not have time to perform a full swing. Work on shortening your return swing when faced with a fast tennis serve. This will save you time when trying to return such a fast tennis serve.
  3. Work on the appropriate types of swings with the fast tennis serve. Taking the previous point into account, these shorter swings will need some practice.  Take some time to work on a short forehand, focusing on its quickness. You can also use a quick backhand slice for the other side of your body. Once you make these swings short and quick you will be in a much better position to return a fast tennis serve.
  4. Put it all together. With some practice you will be able to return a fast tennis serve. Practice getting your body into position and work on your return swing. If you are quick enough you can develop a great deal of accuracy on the return, which can easily catch the server off guard.
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