How To Return Shoes

Anytime a product is returned to a store, it should never be worn, and when you return shoes it is no different. The bottom of the shoes will rat you out if they have been worn. Shoes are returned all the time for many reasons, but if they are worn first and then returned, the return may be rejected. Make sure you have the receipt, or it may not be accepted. When receipt is not available, oftentimes the store will issue a store credit towards another purchase.

  1. Make sure shoes are positioned neatly in the shoe box. When you return shoes, they should be facing each other, parallel, with tops of shoes pointing in opposite directions. 
  2. Secure that tissue paper in place. Normally tissue paper comes with the shoes and this will ensure that the footwear is covered and protected when you return shoes.
  3. Make sure sales receipt is available. Tuck the sales receipt in the box before covering with the lid to ensure that it is with the shoes at the time of return.
  4. Return shoes to store within the time frame specified on the receipt. If you return shoes after this time, a store credit–as opposed to cash refund–may be issued.
  5. Consider accepting another pair of shoes as opposed to a cash refund. Many times it is easier to do an exchange for your shoe return. If the shoes were too tight or performed poorly, another size or similar shoe is always a good option, especially when the receipt is not accessible.
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