How To Reverse A Car In A Straight Line

Learn how to reverse a car in a straight line so that you can be a safer and more effective driver. Backing out of driveways, especially long ones, can be extremely difficult for even the most experienced drivers. However, you can learn how to improve your driving skills and your ability to reverse your car. Improving these skills will make you a better driver overall, which will improve your driving confidence and help prevent you from getting into accidents.

To reverse a car in a straight line, you will need:

  • A car
  • Time to practice
  • A place to practice
  • Possibly a driving instructor


  1. To reverse a car in a straight line properly you should start off with a car that is easy to back up. Some people prefer to reverse in smaller cars, while others prefer to be higher up in a larger car. Whatever you decide you like the best, you should definitely practice reversing this car that you are partial to before you try other vehicles. This will make the learning experience much easier on you.
  2. Try practicing reversing your car in a parking lot to start out. An empty parking lot that is fairly large is a great way to practice without there being to much danger of damaging your car or anyone else's. Also, you can try reversing in a straight line by staying between the white lines of each parking space. You will know you are going straight if you are within the lines. This will help you learn and adjust your driving techniques quickly.
  3. When you practice reversing your car in a straight line, be sure to use proper technique. Use everything you can to your advantage, including both your side view and rear view mirrors. Turn your head around and look out of the back window while you are reversing so you can properly see where you are driving. Try to relax your shoulders and neck as best as possible so that you do not turn the wheel while reversing. Keep the wheel as straight as possible, and as long as your tires are aligned properly the car should move backwards straight and smoothly.
  4. If you are still having trouble reversing your car in a straight line after practicing, hire a driving instructor to help you out. Having someone there to critique your form and give you helpful hints and tips will really help out the learning process. A driving instructor can make all the difference and can really help you learn how to reverse in a straight line using proper form and posture.
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