How To Rewire A Motorbike

If you are having electrical problems, it is best to understand how to rewire a motorbike yourself and save yourself some cash. While you need the help of professionals oftentimes to rewire a motorbike, you can also do this in your own garage.

You will need:

  • Cutters
  • dry vinyl tapes
  • harness
  • batteries
  • cables
  • masking tape
  1. Familiarize on parts of a motorbike that are wired. If you want to rewire a motorbike it is natural for you to know the parts that are wired such as the tail lights, oil signal, and air horn among others.
  2. Identify the problem. You should not limit on checking on the wires when you want to rewire a motorbike. You should also include checking other connections, the battery, and the alternator.
  3. Start up the engine. Starting the engine would make sure that the wires that you would be replacing are correct. At the same time, it would avoid getting on the engine wires. Make sure that you identify where the fuses are when you rewire a motorbike. There are usually one big wire and three small ones.
  4. Remove the wires that you would replace. Take note of the positive and negative side and if you think you would have a hard time remembering then you should make some marks on it by placing a tape with a + or – sign on it. Take note also of the volts for the battery. Using a masking tape is more appropriate for this purpose. Just remember to remove the tape afterwards.
  5. Choose the right wires. If you need to buy a new one, make sure to bring the old wire with you to make the right purchase of the kind of wire you need. It is recommended to buy one that can accommodate 8 amps as it is commonly used to rewire a motorbike. Choosing the right wire would also mean that you understand the color code of your motorcycle. There are different color codes depending on the brand of the motorcycle. Say, a Harley has PK for Pink.
  6. Measure the length of the wire. Since the wire may run within a few curls and hoops within your motorcycle, it is wise that you measure the length of where it would probably run. Remember to list them all down including the color and which terminal it goes.
  7. Draw a wiring diagram. It is necessary if you are planning to rewire and add another wiring, say for an air horn or other accessories. This would be much easier when you also know the measurements beforehand. You can already include where you would place the ground strip and the positive and negative strips. Through this, you can also compute if the watts you would be using would still fit in the fuse.
  8. Reconnect the wires. Install the new wires from where you removed the old ones from the motorbike. The markings you made for the positive and negative connections will make your job easier. Try on the ignition to check if rewiring the motorbike works well.
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