How To Ride A 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Learning how to ride a 2 person inflatable kayak is a very fun and engaging process. For this activity, you will need an inflatable kayak that comfortably seats two people, and has two seats, one toward the back, and one toward the middle. Following is advice on how to ride a two person inflatable kayak.

How to Ride a Two Person Inflatable Kayak:

  1. First, make sure that the kayak is in perfect condition, and that it has no leaks before setting out to try it on the water. Pump it up, and see if it deflates on its own, or take it out by yourself.
  2. Next, place the kayak by the edge of the water, and have two people get in it. As with a canoe, the person who will have the most control over direction will sit in the back seat, and he or she who supplies the most power should sit in the front.
  3. The back person's feet should be spread apart enough to allow for the front person if necessary, and the seats should be spaced (as they are set in place by kayakers, and not fixed) so that each person has enough room.
  4. Now, to propel the craft, each person will have to paddle. It takes a lot more paddling to get a two person inflatable kayak moving than it does a hard kayak or a single person craft, so keep at it.
  5. When paddling, try to find a rhythm, to prevent a conflict of paddles (so that one person does not finish his or her stroke at the same time as the other person is reaching forward, on the same side, to begin his or hers). Try having each person paddle on the same side, but timing their strokes together, so that both reach forward and pull back in unison. To steer, the back kayaker may need to adjust strokes, but, watching the front seated person, it is not hard to get back into the paddling rhythm.

Learning how to ride a two person inflatable kayak is a fun process. Once learned, try to take the craft out into the ocean, as riding waves is great entertainment.

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