How To Ride BMX Bikes

Learning how to ride a BMX bike is no different from learning to ride any bike. The difference with the BMX bike is what you do after you learn how to ride it. Learning to ride a BMX bike takes the same basic tactical skills as most any bike. To learn how to ride a BMX bike you must first have the balance and mechanics to do so. Riding a BMX bike as is, a bike requires the ability to maintain your balance and move the bike forward with pedals. Learning to ride a BMX bike is a fundamental process but the tricks that are available once you learn to ride a BMX bike are countless. The excitement surrounding learning to ride a BMX bike is the ability to turn tricks once you learn. BMX biking is a popular sport and offers much excitement to the daring. The tricks that are available are incredible. From the simplistic bunny hop to the insane superman there is no end to what you can accomplish. Look at the instructions below for a quick and dirty on how to learn to ride a BMX bike.

  1. How to ride BMX bikes is a simple process. First, you must learn to maintain your balance on the bike. The best way to do this on your own is to sit on the bike and spread your legs out to your side. The typical BMX bike has a low seat and thus you will be very close to the ground. Traditional balancing isn’t practical because of this.
  2. Once you achieve some level of balance, you will need to next learn to ride the BMX bike. This is done primarily by standing up on the peddles with both hands gripping the handlebars. Push down on the peddle with your dominate foot, keeping your body straight.
  3. Continue back and forth between your two feet. Keep your eyes forward and your body leaning towards the handlebars. Maintain a steady motion and you are now riding as BMX bike.
  4. Most BMX bikes are ridden this way. You will spend most of your time standing. Sitting is usually done when stopped or sometimes while you coast. Understand that the traditional BMX bike isn’t built for transportation. It is built for tricks.
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