How To Ride A Jet Ski Safely

Learn how to ride a jet ski safely so that you can have endless fun without risk of injuring yourself or anyone else in the water. Jet skiing can be a very enjoyable pastime, but it can also be a very dangerous one if not approached correctly. Its fairly easy to flip a jet ski and it is even easier to run over an unsuspecting swimmer if you are not paying attention. If you learn how to ride a jet ski safely then you will always have plenty of fun.

To ride a jet ski safely, you will need:

  • A jet ski
  • Body of water (lake, ocean, bay)
  • Helmet
  • Life Vest
  1. To ride a jet ski safely, you need to start out slow. If you have never ridden one before, then you should either watch someone ride on one or ride with someone. If you cannot do either, then you should just go slowly. Accelerate slowly and do not worry about going fast right away. The first thing you should worry about is learning how to turn, brake, and accelerate.
  2. If you want to ride a jet ski safely, then you should keep your head clear and focus on what you are doing. You cannot be thinking about what you had for lunch or what you will be doing later that night. If you do you could accidentally hit an obstacle such as a log, another jet ski, or even a person. Keep your eyes on the water and think about what you are doing before you do it.
  3. To jet ski safely, you should always wear a life vest and preferably a helmet as well. Wrecking a jet ski will disorient you, and even the most talented swimmers can have trouble surviving without a life vest while in pain and disoriented. A helmet will protect your head if you happen to hit any debris.
  4. Hire an instructor to teach you how to jet ski safely. They can show you exactly how to turn, strafe, come to sudden stops, avoid obstacles, and plenty of other difficult things that you would not be able to learn as quickly on your own. This is the most time effective way to learn how to jet ski safely, but it can unfortunately be rather costly as well.
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