How To Ride A Motorcycle For The First Time

Here are instructions for  how to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Motorcycles are fun and easy to ride. However, you need to be prepared to ride a motorcycle before you ride. There are things you need to know before you take your first spin on your new motorcycle.

What You Will Need:

  • A motorcycle
  • A helmet
  • Motorcycle clothing
  • An instructor
  1. Decide if you want to buy a new motorcycle or you just want to ride one. You have a bike in front of you, but you are not ready to ride the motorcycle yet. You need an instructor. You can actually go to school and receive personal training to ride the bike. This is now feasible for everybody. Have one of your friends (who rides a motorcycle) instruct you about how a motorcycle is driven.
  2. Buy a safety helmet and safety clothes in preparation of your first ride on your motorcycle. Motorcycles are fast and they give you no protection. If you crash the bike, get ready for some real pain. A helmet will help protect your head. The safety clothes will protect you from many scrapes and bruises. Make sure you buy good motorcycle boots.
  3. Get familiar with the bike. Have your friend show you the controls. The clutch and brake is different on a bike than it is on a car. Practice getting off and on your bike. Try to handle the weight of the motorcycle between your legs.
  4. Make sure you know how to balance yourself when you are on the bike. You move your body to the right when you come into a right turn. You move your body to the left when you come in to a left turn. Keep your body balanced to keep the bike balanced.
  5. Figure out how to turn your bike on. Turn the button to on and then turn the key. The engine is purring. Let the engine purr for a few minutes. Make sure you warm the bike up good.
  6. Make sure you know how to use the controls on your bike. Turn the motorcycle on and test everything out. It is best to know how to ride the bike before you actually ride it. This includes learning to shift gears and use the brakes on your motorcycle. Your shifter (clutch) is on the left handle bar of your bike. You change gears by opening the clutch and giving the motorcycle gas. You have to release the shift lever with your left foot. Your brake is on the right handle of your motorcycle. The rear brake is operated by your right foot.
  7. You give the motorcycle gas by moving the accelerator level on the right handlebar of your motorcycle. You have to learn how to shift the gears correctly, move the shift lever, and give your bike adequate gas to accelerate. To slow down your motorcycle, you need to know how to downshift the gears.
  8. Take your first ride on your motorcycle in an empty parking lot or field. Test out all the information you learned about the bike. Make sure you flip the kickstand up. Ride around the parking lot and familiarize yourself with all the gears. Drive around the parking lot until you believe you are ready to take to the streets.
  9. You now know how to ride the motorcycle. It is time for you and your friend to take it for a spin. Let your friend lead with his/her motorcycle and follow them on your first ride. Make sure you follow all traffic rules and signals on the roads. Do not weave in and out of traffic. Enjoy your first ride on your new motorcycle.


  • Safety first
  • Learn how to ride before your ride
  • Wear the correct helmet, clothing, and boots for safety
  • Follow all road rules
  • Familiarize yourself off the road before you ride on the road
  • Safely enjoy your first ride on your new motorcycle
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