How To Ride A Road Race Bicycle

Learning how to ride a road race bicycle is no easy task. A lot of time and practice will have to go into your getting it down right so that you are able to ride well enough to participate in racing events. You will also need a quality bike that is perfect for you and your body. Following is some advice on how to ride a road race bicycle.

  1. First, visit a bike shop and purchase a street racing bicycle that is just right. Ask workers at the shop to assist you find one that fits your needs, if necessary. Also buy a helmet, and a racing outfit, which helps keep you aerodynamic when you are cycling.
  2. Next, take your bike for a spin, keeping it on roads with quality asphalt. Cracks, potholes, or gravel can damage the bike.
  3. Sit on it as you would any other bike. As you begin peddling faster, lean forward. This will make you more aerodynamic, limiting the amount of your body that catches the wind and slows you and your bike, just like a sail catches wind on a boat. This will also allow you to lean into your peddling, so that you are essentially kicking off of something with each strong motion of your legs.
  4. Peddle with your head low, and you but up off of the seat as you are trying to gain speed. Try to maintain this position when you are riding your bike. When going on turns, keep your body compacted like this, with head low and butt up, and lean to the side. When you want to coast, simply let off of the pedals.
  5. This is how to physically ride the bike. To improve your biking skills, ride daily, and visit the gym and jog, to strengthen your body, drop excess pounds, and build up your endurance. Keeping all of this up will allow your body and biking skills to help you do well in road races.

Learning how to ride a road race bike is a process. Practice a lot, and try to perfect your form, and also work out a lot, and you will be a great cyclist before you know it.

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