How To Ride A Sportbike

Need to know how to ride a sportbike? Riding a sportbike can be a little risky, but with the right style and technique you will be enjoying your ride in no time. Going for a ride on a sportbike requires you to have a defensive attitude on the road while you are riding so you will not get cut off. You will get respect if you ride aggressively, even in the beginning, like you have been riding for years. Anyone can learn how to ride a sportbike with tons of practice and the right attitude.

  1. Get a sportbike that fits you well. You want a sportbike that is the perfect size for you. You need to be in full control of your sportbike. Your arms should be able to reach the handle bars, and your feet should be able to rest comfortably. Your seat should be comfortable and secure. Make sure that you are aware and familiar with all of the controls on the sportbike before you begin riding it.
  2. Sit on your bike and start it up. Apply the rear break petal to prevent the sportbike from moving. Turn the key to start the bike. Make sure the engine kill switch is set to off to be able to start the bike. Engage the clutch by pressing the clutch lever. Press the ignition switch to activate the starter and to start the sportbike.
  3. To turn a corner, shift your body weight.  Depending on which direction you want to turn, lean your body to the left or to the right to assist you in your turn. As you lean your body to the left or to the right, lightly push down on the corresponding bar at the same time.
  4. Keep your hands and arms relaxed at all times. You want to control the bars with a light touch. Sportbikes are designed with very sensitive controls and light-touch reactions. Sportbikes respond to the slightest touch, so get used to only applying a little pressure on the bars when controlling them.
  5. Learn how to increase and reduce speed. To increase speed on straight stretches, move forward on the seat and put weight on the front tire. To decrease speed, move back on your seat as your weight put down on the back of the bike causes traction, which will reduce your speed.
  6. Enjoy practicing and riding your sportbike. The more you practice, the better you will become. Start off riding your bike in very safe areas, such as bike tracks, until you are able to control the bike and get used to riding it. When you are ready, start riding on the street in a non-busy neighborhood and slowly work your way up from there.
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