How To Ride A Stand Up Jet Ski

Learning how to ride a stand up jet ski is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You can expect some spills at the start but, once mastered, it's a technique that is easy to perfect. Jet skis come in many sizes but the stand up jet ski version is built for one rider only. Combining coordination with skill and balance, learning how to ride a stand up jet ski is a bit of a challenge, but, once you've got the hang of it, you'll have a lot of fun on your personal water craft (PWC).

To learn how to ride a stand up jet ski, you will need to:

  1. Purchase or rent a stand up jet ski. Before purchasing this variety of PWC, it's advised that you see if you like it first. Try to rent one for a few hours and see if your legs and body can take the additional stress of standing up on a jet ski. Sitting might be much more comfortable and secure for you.
  2. Put on your personal flotation device. No matter how well you swim, you should not board a jet ski without a flotation device. This could save your life if you're thrown off the ski while riding.
  3. Board the jet ski. Careful balance is necessary in order to board a jet ski without ending up in the drink. Always board a jet ski from the rear platform. It might look like you can climb up on the side but you'll risk flipping it over. Instead, put one knee on the rear and pull yourself up onto the jet ski. Balance is key to boarding a stand up jet ski.
  4. Assume the correct stance. For the most stable riding position while standing, place one foot slightly behind the other. If you're new to riding a stand up jet ski, you might want to start out on your knees first to gain confidence.
  5. Put the safety key lanyard around your wrist. Insert the safety key into the safety clip. This system is on all jet skis and is designed to immediately shut off the engine and stop the ski should the driver fall off.
  6. Gently press the throttle. The key to not being thrown off a stand up jet ski is to start off at a slower pace before accelerating to high speed. Otherwise, you could easily be tossed off by the quick momentum of the ski (that's where that personal flotation device comes in very handy!).
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