How To Ride A Vintage Triumph Motorcycle

Before you try to learn how to ride a vintage Triumph motorcycle, you should already be comfortable riding a newer type of bike. It does not necessarily have to be a Triumph, but a motorcycle in general. If you try to ride a motorcycle for the first time using a vintage Triumph, and you lose control of the bike, you may damage it beyond repair if the parts are hard to find. Once you are confident in your ability to handle a bike, then you can try to ride a vintage Triumph motorcycle.

To ride a vintage Triumph motorcycle, you will need:

  • A motorcycle license
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • A helmet
  • The proper attire and footwear
  1. Make sure you have the proper licensing and insurance for a motorcycle. If you want to ride a vintage Triumph motorcycle, you will need to have a license to ride a bike, so make sure you get one before you ride. You should also make sure your insurance company has you covered for riding a motorcycle.
  2. Before you ride a vintage Triumph motorcycle, make sure it is in good condition. You never want to take unnecessary chances when you ride a motorcycle, especially a vintage model. If you have recently had the bike serviced, you should be good to go. If you have not had a vintage Triumph motorcycle looked at by a mechanic recently, have it checked over to see if it is in need of any repairs.
  3. Practice riding on your vintage Triumph motorcycle in a secluded area. You do not want to get out into traffic and have a panic attack because you can’t operate the bike correctly, so practice in a safe area for a while. Learn how to shift the gears smoothly, and get used to the amount of play in the brakes. Practice mounting and dismounting the bike, as well as starting it. When you are at ease on your vintage Triumph motorcycle, head out into traffic and stay alert. Make sure you have your helmet on, as well as the appropriate attire and shoes.
  4. Once you are out in traffic, do not be aggressive. Since you are not yet used to riding your vintage Triumph around other vehicles, give them a wide berth. Remember to always use your turn signals when you change lanes, which is a common mistake that novice riders make. Do not accelerate the bike too fast, since you may lose control. Continue to practice riding your vintage bike until you are accustomed to how it performs in different situations on the road.
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