How To Ride A Wave Board

Learning how to ride a wave board can be a blast or a pain. A wave board is unlike most other boards in the same family. A wave board is an alternative to a skateboard and placed somewhere in the family along with inline skating. Learning to ride a wave board is a test of balance and body management. A wave board, unlike its cousin the skateboard, operates with two wheels instead of four. Learning to ride a wave board is a challenge. Learning to ride a wave board will take balance and body mechanics. The process below will step through the basics on how to ride a wave board. There really isn’t allot to it, just the extreme balance and mechanics to make it happen.

Things you will need to ride:

  • A wave board
  • Protective gear
  • Room to ride
  1. Begin with the wave board on its side. Since it only has two wheels, it cannot stand upright on its own to begin. Use your dominate foot to set it upright. Place the foot on the front part of the wave board.
  2. With your dominate foot on the wave board, use your rear foot to push off. To push off you will want to take short hops at a slow speed. As you move forward with your dominate foot on the wake board, place the rear foot on the wave board.
  3. Immediately begin to move your legs forward and back. Move your hips back and forth as well. You will want your legs moving in opposite direction of each other. This motion will keel the wave board moving.
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