How To Rig A Fishing Boat

Knowing how to rig a fishing boat the right way depends on the type of fishing that it will be used for, but the same materials can be used in equipping any vessel. Following are easy steps for setting up a fishing boat.

  1. Buy rods, reels, and lines appropriate for the type of fishing that the boat will be doing. Depending on the boat's maximum capacity or the amount of people that will be fishing from it, buy a certain amount of rods and reels, so that at any point everyone can fish from the boat.
  2. By the right lures, baits, rigs, and other tackle-related accessories (such as pliers and weights) that will be used. Buying boxes to keep all of these items in so that they remain organized and easily accessible will make for a better time on the water.
  3. Be sure to get a cooler. Many coolers for boats are actually built into seats, but if your boat does not have any like this, buy one, or have one installed as a seat. Coolers are essential for keeping food, drink, bait, and the fish that are caught cold. Life vest are also great to have onboard, and in many cases, they are legally required.
  4. Equipping a boat with rod holders can make it easy to travel from place to place in the boat with rods out of the way but still accessible.

Although all of these basic steps will make a boat ready for a day on the water, be sure to remove all of the above items from a boat that is stored anywhere that others have access to it when it is going to be left parked for some time. Lock them up somewhere, as all of the items that make for a well rigged fishing boat are prone to theft, especially when they are lying out in the open in a boat, whether the boat is in a yard or docked at a marina.

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