How To Rig A Sunfish Sailboat

Do you want to know how to rig a Sunfish sailboat? Sunfish sailboats have a great minimalist design. With just one sail, this is the best way to get into the sailing world. Rigging a Sunfish is quite simple, as long as you follow the steps methodically.

To rig a Sunfish sailboat, you will need:

  • A complete Sunfish sailboat, including sail, both upper and lower boom, mast and all the rings, interlocking bolts, gooseneck, ropes and all the necessary boat hull hardware.
  • A dry and flat place to work on, big enough to accommodate the sail and the boat side by side. The surface must be dry, non-abrasive and clean.

The steps to rig a Sunfish sailboat are:

  1. Extend the sail on the surface.
  2. Place both booms, upper and lower, besides the sail, where they are supposed to be tied.
  3. Link the sail to both booms, starting from top to bottom and from the junction to the end of the lower boom, clipping in the sail rings. The sail must look tight, but try not to stress the material as it will wear out fast.
  4. Bolt the joint of both booms using the interlocking eye bolt.
  5. Clip both booms to the mast using the gooseneck for the lower boom and the linking bolt for the upper boom.
  6. Place the mast in the mast base. Make sure that the mast has a plastic cup on it's base, as a naked base will damage the hull.
  7. Make the sail line go through the main ratchet to the boom and then down to the astern snap. Make sure that the line moves smoothly and allows a good, easy swing of the sail.

Remember to double check the Sunfish rigging before leaving the harbor. Also, rigging ashore lets you work without the hassle of being afloat, constantly moving and swinging, adding to the risk of losing hardware and parts.

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