How To Right Click On A Mac

Not knowing how to right click on a Mac can be frustrating and seem difficult. It is important to know that operating a mouse on a Mac is slightly different than operating the standard PC mouse. The main differences are the removal of one button and the lack of a scroll wheel. Many consider this design easier to use and more efficient. Regardless of which Mac you are using or whether it is a laptop or a desktop, using the right click menu is an important and easy task to accomplish. Right clicking is important as it allows you to bring up additional menus for word processing, spelling, saving files, and desktop shortcuts. To right click on a Mac, you must combine the mouse function along with using your Mac keyboard.  

To “right click” using a Mac mouse:

  1. Hold down the “ctrl” key.
  2. Clicking the mouse on the link or portion of text you want to select or "right click" on.

It was not until 2005 that Apple introduced a mouse that displayed multiple buttons, though the single button mouse is still common today. If using the multibutton Mac mouse, you can program the four buttons to right click or to do additional tasks.

To have the ability to "right click":

  1. Select the Apply menu and click “System Preferences”.
  2. Click “Keyboard & Mouse”
  3. Select the “Mouse” tab.
  4. Ensure ensure the right mouse button is selected as the Secondary Button. 

To enable right clicking on a Mac laptop:

  1. Navigate to your System Preferences.
  2. Check the option titled, “Place two fingers on track pad and click button for secondary click”.
  3. Now you will be able to put two fingers on the track pad and click to use it as a mouse.
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