How To Rip Bluray ISO

Learning how to rip a Bluray disc and make an ISO image can help you preserve your favorite movies and share them friends and relatives. Over the past two years the Bluray medium has gained immense popularity and has brought thousands of movies, television shows and other high definition content along with it. With today’s current Bluray optical drives, you now have the ability to rip and backup all of your personal Bluray discs using the universal ISO file format. Ripping an ISO image from a Bluray disc a simple process, and is practically identical to creating one from a DVD or CD.

To begin with, you will need the following items:

  • Bluray disc drive
  • ISO image-creation software
  1. Install ISO software. Obtain and install (using the default settings) any current version of your favorite ISO creation software. There are many free options out there, so use your preferred search engine to locate one. Make sure that the software has the ability to create ISO images and is compatible with current Bluray discs and drives.
  2. Insert Bluray disc into drive. Insert the Bluray disc you wish to copy into the Bluray disc drive. Please note that you should only backup Bluray discs that you own.
  3. Create ISO image. Load your ISO image-creation software, click on the “Bluray” tab/window and choose the “Create Bluray Image” option. To ensure you output your Bluray content to an ISO image, browse to your software’s “Options” tab/window and make sure the file format is set to “ISO”. Choose a name for your image file and then click on the “Create/Make Image” button. This will begin the process of copying the data from the Bluray disc to an ISO image file.
  4. Wait for the program to finish. The time it takes to create your ISO image file depends on the speed of your Bluray drive and the size of the file you are creating. If you are ripping a full length, 1080P movie, it may take over an hour to create your ISO image.
  5. Test it out. Bluray ISO files must be burned to a blank Bluray disc in order to be played back on stand-alone Bluray players. However, you can test your ISO image on your computer by opening the .ISO file with your favorite virtual drive software. This will allow you to see your content and make sure it is complete before burning it to a Bluray disc or sharing it with friends.



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