How To Rip Bluray On PS3

Have you ever wondered how to rip Blueray on PS3? If you know the basics then you can save a copy of your Blueray movies on your PS3. There are a few rules but once you know them you can proceed as you like.

Supplies required to rip a Blueray to PS3:

  • One PS3
  • One computer
  • One Blueray disk

The basics of how to rip Blueray on PS3

  1. Take your Blueray disk and place it in your computer. When you know how to rip Blueray on PS3 you can have one backup copy. That way you will never be without your movie. If your Blueray breaks then you have a backup copy.
  2. Connect your PS3 to your computer. Connect your PS3 to your computer by plugging the USB cord into the USB hole. You can tell that you have the right cord by looking to see if it matches to the coresponding hole in the computer. If it doesn't fit then you have the wrong cord.  It should really obvious to you.
  3.  Rip your Blueray to your PS3 by selecting: Media/Copy. Rip your Blueray to your PS3 by going to settings. Then select settings. After that, select Media/ Copy. Click on Media/ Copy. It is very simple.



  • If you know the rules then you can safely proceed to rip Blueray on PS3. There are legalities and limitations that must be followed. Sony has some limitations to the number of copies that you can have ripped to your PS3.  You can have one copy ripped to your PS3 and one copy to your memory stick duo.
  • Even if you know how to rip copies on your PS3 you may not share that. It is illegal to share any copies. It is also illegal to install a copy that you do not own the disk for. Back-up copies are except.
  • You may not upload a copy of your Blueray rip to PS3 to sites. You can share “snippets” but you may not upload whole movie.


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