How To Rip Jeans

Don’t pay a fortune for ripped jeans–learn how to rip jeans yourself! Ripped jeans have been in style for many years. Unfortunately, these ripped jeans can often cost more money than their perfectly sewn counterparts. If you want to save a few dollars and still look fashionable just look and see how easy it is to rip jeans.

  • Old or new pair of jeans
  • Pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pin (optional)
  1. Find the right pair of jeans. If you are planning to rip jeans it is often a good idea to purchase them at a thrift store. This is a great way to get an ultra cool personalized pair of jeans for just a little bit of money.
  2. Plan out where you want the tears. It takes a bit of planning to rip jeans. Carefully look over the jeans you plan to use. With a pencil lightly mark where you want the tears to go. If you do this before you start ripping you can change your mind. Once the jeans are ripped there is no way to correct it.
  3. Cut along the lines. When first learning how to rip jeans only use very sharp scissors. Using dull scissors will be difficult and you may accidentally cut yourself. Carefully poke a hole through the fabric with the scissors. Then cut across the jean material following the lines you have already drawn. Make sure to keep checking your jeans to make sure you like what it looks like.
  4. Add some fringe. At this point you can add some stringy fringe around the edges of the tears. Take a pin and find the first horizontal string right at the rip. When you find this put the pin in between this string and the next, then pull down. Continue pulling out strings until you achieve the look you want.
  5. Try them on Before you put away all the tools you used to rip the jeans try them on and see if you like them. If they are not ripped enough pencil on a few more marks and tear them up some more.

Before heading out to one of the trendy mall stores to purchase a really expensive pair of ripped jeans, try doing them yourself. The more ripped the jeans are usually the better they look. There is no right or wrong way to rip a pair of jeans. So, show off your rock 'n' roll side and learn how to rip jeans.

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