How To Rip A Vintage Jean Jacket

Here are instructions for how to rip a vintage jean jacket. What's the point of wearing a vintage jean jacket if you can't have a few rips, snags and tears here and there? After all, it will only look vintage if it looks worn out. And since we all know you're nowhere near old enough to have owned that vintage jacket right after it was manufactured, you'll just have to make some smoke and mirrors adjustments to its already antiquated look.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing scissors or shears
  • Curry comb
  • Utility knife
  • Seam ripper
  1. Hang your vintage jean jacket where you can easily work with it. Use a wire hanger or something that's strong enough to hold its weight.
  2. Arm yourself with your sewing shears and start going to town on the vintage jean jacket. But hold up! Don't go hog wild. You'll still need enough left of the jacket to actually wear. So just tear the obvious places where you'd see normal wear, like near pockets, near the buttons, underneath the arms and near the collar. Use your hands to rip the vintage jean jacket just a little so the sewing shear marks don't look so obvious.
  3. Slide the curry comb up and down the front and back of the jacket. Curry combs aren't just for horses, you know. They make an awfully good rip style all over a jean jacket. This will create tiny rips and make it look like you were really the one to wear out the jacket.
  4. Use the utility knife to make pointed marks in the vintage jacket. Poke your finger where the knife just pierced in order to create a little, natural-looking rip in the vintage jean jacket.
  5. Take the seam ripper (you know, those tools seamstresses use to fix their mistakes?) and rip out some of the stitching in the vintage jean jacket. You don't have to rip a vital area – just some of the ornamental stitching around the collar, pockets, binding and cuffs.
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