How To Rock A Man Purse

Knowing how to rock a man purse means you are confident. You can carry all the stuff you’d like to have with you and still look like a guy’s guy. Women will react positively to your man bag, because it makes you look European, cosmopolitan and modern. You’ll like rocking your man purse, sometimes called a “murse,” because you can carry your gear in it.

  1. Choose a masculine style and size for your man purse. Your murse should be smaller than a briefcase, but not as small as a woman’s bag. Look for one that is approximately ten inches by ten inches. Look for a plain, neutral colored, basic style in a matte finish with square corners. The strap should be about two inches wide. Ignore man purses in loud colors, that are shiny or that feature flashy gold or silver buckles.
  2. Choose a well-made bag of quality materials. Look inside the man purse to be sure it’s lined. It should have a compartment for your cell phone, and have some inside pockets and compartments. Your man purse can be of a synthetic material, but never fake leather. Smell it to be sure. If it smells like real leather, it is.
  3. Pack it. Carry your electronics, like an MP3 player, your camera, and your phone, in your man purse. Put in some tissues, sun block and lip balm. Bring a snack along. Put your wallet and keys inside.
  4. Project confidence when you rock your man purse. The bag is a smart, modern, utilitarian accessory. That’s all. So, don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.



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