How To Rodeo Snowboarding

Learning how to rodeo on a snowboard is a test in rotation. Rodeos are effective flip rotations on a snowboard and can be a mix of flash, kicks and grabs. Learning to rodeo is a test in balance and body control while boarding. Learning this skill comes with practice. The rodeo is a great way to practice rotation and fine-tune your body control. The process below will outline the rodeo with a front side grab to provide a basic guideline for the rodeo. The intent is to help the snowboarder visualize the rodeo and practice it. Once learned, the snowboarder can mix in other tricks.

Snowboarding is an amazing sport. To participate in snowboarding through tricks, such as the rodeo, makes it even more amazing. The rodeo is a kick off trick, meaning it is a lead into many more tricks. Once you have the rodeo down you can expand your trickology to include a myriad of revolutions and kicks.

What you will need to accomplish a rodeo:

  • Snowboard
  • Downhill ramp
  • Advanced snowboarding skill
  • Snowboarding gear
  1. Strap on your gear and double check your bindings. The rodeo takes plenty of air to pull off. Safety should be a huge concern. Be sure to run the mountain a few times to familiarize yourself with the flow of the snow.
  2. Hit the mountain and head for the ramp at a good click. Bend at the knees as you first enter the ramp. At the exit point of the ramp twist slightly and dip your chin to your chest.
  3. Immediately bring the knees forward and roll. The rotation will continue you to a flip mixed with a 360. Reach down and grab the front of your snowboard. Move out of the trick by releasing the grab and straightening out.
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