How To Role Play

Many long-term couples become bored with their sex life and want to learn how to role play. Role playing is a frame of mind that each partner must slip into before being able to take on their roles. Role playing doesn't require acting skills, but the ability to let go of certain inhibitions and explore the erotic ideas ahead.

To role play, you will need:

  • An open frame of mind
  • Costumes (not necessary, but helpful)
  • A safe word (a word used for the role playing to stop, but something out of the ordinary such as apples, broccoli, football)

Below you will find basic how to role play instructions. Change them as necessary to spice up things into your sex life. The most important thing to remember is that you are doing this to have fun, to explore your dreams, and to add a little zest to the relationship.

  1. Choose a role playing idea. Some beginner ideas could be stripper/client, school girl/teacher, or doctor/patient.
  2. Research the roles you have chosen. By researching the roles you are choosing to play there will be a stronger presence in the role. For example, if you are playing out the stripper/client role playing idea, you may want to visit a strip club to see how the strippers move their bodies and remove their clothes seductively.
  3. Find props and costumes to enhance the role playing. Some couples find it easier to get into their roles by dressing the part.
  4. Set up a date time for the role playing to take place. This step is only necessary if you would need to find a sitter for the kids or make other needed arrangements. Allow yourself enough time to prepare, enjoy your role playing, and lavish in the aftereffects.
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