How To Roll Drum Sticks

Learning how to roll drum sticks is a great way to add in some extra showmanship to your drumming skills when performing in front of an audience. You can roll drum sticks in your palm, in just two fingers, across all four fingers and in other ways as well. You should practice doing it with both hands, as it will look more impressive and will also keep both hands equally capable. Rolling drum sticks is a great way to increase your finger dexterity and skill.

  1. In order to roll drum sticks, you should begin with the basics first. Grab the middle of a drum stick with your thumb and index finger. If you alternate applying pressure with your finger and thumb, almost like when you try to crush an ant or something similar between your fingers, you will notice the drum stick moving backwards and forwards. You can make it roll simply by adding pressure in a more circular motion with your finger and thumb. The stick will move in a much more circular and fluid motion than if you were to just apply backward and forward pressure.
  2. You can roll drum sticks by moving your wrist as well. Practice moving your wrist in a circular motion. After you have the hang of it, try it while holding a drumstick. You can also add in the first step to make the drum stick rolling and twirling look even more impressive.
  3. Rolling the drum stick in your palm is another cool trick. Hold the stick in your hand with your palm facing up. Twirl the stick in a circle and then try to balance it on your palm letting the stick roll freely until it has completed a 180 or 360 degree turn. You can increase the force with which you twirl the stick to make it turn even more quickly and impressively.
  4. To roll the drum stick across all four fingers will require a lot of practice and patience. This trick requires a lot of finger dexterity and muscle memory, but it is the coolest looking trick. Grab the stick between your index and middle fingers with your palm facing the ground. Apply upward pressure with your index finger and downward pressure with the middle finger. Lift your ring finger up and catch the stick between it and the middle finger. Now, repeat the process to get it to your pinky finger. Repeat the process again except, instead, you will have to catch the stick with your index finger again. Now you can start over and do the whole process over again. It will start off as a slow and painful process, but eventually it will speed up and look very impressive.
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