How To Roll A Kayak With Your Dog

Taking your best furry friend with you on a fun outdoor trip is not impossible if you learn how to roll a kayak with your dog. If you know the right tricks, soon you will be able to bring your dog with you while you enjoy the sun and water in nature. 

Things you need to roll a kayak with your dog:

  • Kayak
  • Dog life vest
  • Human life vest
  • Rubber mat
  1. Practicing basic commands. It is extremely important for you to train your dog the "sit" and "down" command before you roll a kayak with your dog. This way, your dog is less likely to flip the kayak over when it gets excited floating on the river. 
  2. Associating water with fun. If you want to roll a kayak with your dog and you have a puppy in your hand right now, begin playing fetch with it near a body of water. If your puppy is initially scared of water, use treats to lure it into the bathtub or a shallow swimming pool.
  3. Sitting in the kayak. Once you have held the kayak upright, command your dog to sit in it. Repeat this if your dog moves away.  Being able to sit still in the kayak is a key quality your dog should have if you want to roll a kayak with your dog. 
  4. Taking safety measures. Both your dog and you should be wearing a life vest before you two venture out. Place a rubber mat at the bottom of the kayak to prevent your dog from slipping when the kayak begins to rock. 
  5. Buying more gears. Now that you know how to roll a kayak with your dog, you can start buying more gears for your canine. Consider getting a equipment for dog flotation, and foldable water bowls. 

Warning: Do not roll a kayak with your dog if your dog is afraid of water or is not a competent swimmer. Do not dispose your dog's feces into the river or stream. 



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