How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

There are numerous ways to roll up shirt sleeves. Usually, the cuff of the shirt is used as a guide for folding. Both long and short sleeved shirts can be rolled up to create a different look.

  1. For button down, long sleeved shirts, begin by unbuttoning the sleeves at the wrist. Take the cuff of the sleeve and fold it backwards, towards your elbow. Only fold back the length of the cuff. This will shorten the sleeve, but only slightly.  It still gives the shirt a long sleeved feel.
  2. To fold to a three quarter sleeve, continue folding backwards, up towards the arm. Stop when the sleeve reaches the middle point of your arm, between your wrist and elbow. You can continue to fold a long sleeved shirt up your arm, however, as the material in the fold increases, it can become difficult to keep folding.
  3. Short sleeved shirts can also be folded. Both button down and t-shirts work the same way a long sleeve does. Start rolling at the outer edge of the sleeve nearest to the elbow. Fold up, towards the shoulder, using the cuff as the guide. While t-shirts don't have the traditional cuff a button down does, it is still hemmed at the bottom. Use the hem to measure the fold.
  4. If you are rolling up your shirt sleeves for a functional purpose, like not wanting the shirt to get wet or dirty, it is less important how the roll looks. If you are trying to create a style by rolling up the sleeves, it becomes more of a necessity to have the sleeves even with the folds looking precise. After rolling up the sleeves, take a look in the mirror, and compare the two sides of the shirt. If you are unhappy with the look of the rolled up sleeves, modify them to the look that you want. Rolling up a shirt sleeve is a matter of personal preference.



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