How To Roll A Softball Bat

People have various ways of breaking in a softball bat, and rolling a softball bat is one of them. This technique saves you the time of hitting ball after ball to break in the softball bat in time for field use. Here are a few steps that will provide you with an easier way of breaking in a softball bat by rolling it.

To roll a softball bat, you will need:
  • Roller
  • Tape
  1. Start by adjusting the roller so that it fits perfectly with your softball bat. Take the time to adjust the roller and make sure that it fits as best as it can with your softball bat. Make sure that the roller is compressing the bat, this will help make the bat flexible, and break it in.
  2. Apply pressure and roll. Apply pressure to the bat so that the components that keep the bat together are broken down. Once these components are broken down then the bat will be become more and more flexible. As you apply pressure, use the industrial roller to roll against the bat. You can roll the bat from various angles so that all parts of the bat are broken down.
  3. Be careful. Bat rolling has generated mixed reviews. Before you roll your softball bat, make sure that bat rolling is allowed in your league.
Rolling a softball bat is an easy way to get your bat to the level that it needs to be. Take these steps to successfully roll a softball bat with no problems.
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