How To Roll A Suit For Travel

Need to know how to roll a suit for travel? Are you travelling somewhere for a short period of time and only feel like bringing one bag, but have to bring a business man type suit to wear for your important business man type things? Fear not, there is a way to roll your suit for travel and not look like you slept in the back of a van on the way to your destination. No wrinkles, no worries, and a lot of space in your bag for things the TSA will probably bother you about!

  1. Your pants. Lay your pants out perfectly flat on the side with the creases lined up. Now, starting from the waist of your pants, start to gently roll them up like you are rolling a sleeping bag. Make sure the creases stay lined up. When you have your suit pants burrito rolled up completely, put it in a soft corner of your bag. You don't want them getting scrunched up against other pieces of clothing or luggage as that will cause wrinkles.
  2. The jacket. Rolling up the jacket takes a little more practice than your pants. Lay your jacket out and gently fold it so that the shoulders are touching. This is so that if any creases or wrinkles do occur, they will be going with your back and will look more natural. Take both sleeves and place them so they lay diagonally down one side of the jacket. The end of the sleeves should be below the bottom button or clasp of your suit jacket. Now starting at the top, roll your suit jacket up. When you are done, you should have two suit rolls with the jacket being the larger one. Put it next to your pants. Don't pack anything else around your suit roll though, as it could disturb the roll and cause wrinkles.
  3. Unpacking. As soon as you get to your destination, unpack your suit roll and hang them up. You should have a wrinkle free suit and only one carry on!
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