How To Romance A Girl

Want to know how to romance a girl? Romancing a girl can be a challenge at times depending on where you are in the relationship. Early on, you may find it easy to simply pick up flowers and she’s all over you. But once the relationship deepens, you need to find new and creative ideas to romance her, letting her know that she is still special. Some men have a hard time with this and simply do not know how to go about it. Although it’s not their fault, women and men just seem to be so different in their views of romance at times.

  1. Love tokens are great way to let a girl know that romance is still alive in the relationship. These are little gifts of affection that don’t have to be expensive. This could be as simple as a love note or an unexpected romantic card in her lunch.
  2. Take a morning and fix her breakfast in bed. Leave a love note on her pillow or a box of her favorite candies on the nightstand. These may seem like a small gesture to you guys, but to girls they are a very important part of romance.
  3. It let’s them know that you are always thinking of them and you will be rewarded handsomely for it. Even an unexpected phone call out of the blue can go a long way in building romance in a relationship. Sending flowers or a small fruit basket is always a welcomed surprise.
  4. Spend the day together. Set aside time when you will know that you have five or six hours of interrupted togetherness. Go out to dinner, catch a movie or have a romantic dinner at home with candles and all the fixings. Get out of work early one day and surprise her with a romantic meal.
  5. Schedule a weekend getaway. Every relationship needs mini vacation away from family and work. It is a couple’s way of reconnecting and keeping romance alive. Schedule a getaway for at least twice a year. There is nothing worse for romance than canceling at the last minute because of work or other obligations.
  6. Listening is a great tool when it comes to romancing a girl. They like to feel that they are being heard and taken seriously. Just by simply listening and repeating back some of what is being said, will go a long way in creating understanding and respect. When you do spend time together, avoid taking calls and distractions that take away from your alone time.
  7. Don’t be afraid to compliment her on her achievements and be encouraging whenever possible. Be careful not to overdue do it though, women can tell when they are being pacified, rather than talked to. If she has an achievement at work, celebrate by going out to dinner or take her dancing.

When all else fails and you feel like you are losing your grip on your romantic life, there are a few things you can fall back on. Jewelry is always a great romantic gift and look for a glass slipper to let her know you are her prince. A heart pendent with your birthstones is another winner. Girls would much rather get a romantic gift like this, than say, flowers that ultimately don’t last. Giving a gift from the heart is the key to romancing any special girl in your life.

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