How To Ruin A Gas Engine

Learn how to ruin a gas engine. Ruining a gas engine can be a very expensive issue. If you ruin your engine, you will need to either buy a new one or rebuild the old gas engine. Depending on the exact damage, you may be able to get away with only replacing specific parts such as pistons or fuel injectors.

  1. Old oil can ruin your engine. If you do not change your oil on a regular basis, you can ruin your engine. Using old oil can cause premature engine wear. As oil is used in your engine, it continuously loses its viscosity properties.  You should also check and make sure the filter plug is in place. If your vehicle filter plug comes loose, the existing oil can also drip out of your engine. Running the engine without oil will cause the internal metal to wear, as the pistons move up and down.
  2. Exceeding the maximum RPM can ruin your engine. Your gas engine has a maximum rating for the safe revolutions per minute. Exceeding this RPM limit for extended periods of time can ruin your engine. Most vehicles have on board computers which will prevent you from over revving your engine. In automatic transmission vehicles, the computer will cut back fuel to keep the vehicle from redline. Manual transmission vehicles can be easily damaged if you are not careful.  If you accidently shift into the wrong low gear at high speeds, this can cause the entire transmission unit to fail. 
  3. Using the wrong type of fuel can ruin your engine. When you are fueling your vehicle, pay attention at the gas station. If your engine is made to run on gasoline, do not place any other fuel substances into your gas tank. Placing diesel fuel into your gas engine can cause damage.
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