How To Run A Dog Grooming Salon

Opening your own dog grooming salon is a wonderful idea for anyone who loves pets and has an entrepreneurial spirit, but first learn how to run a dog grooming salon. For many people their pets are like their children, and they will pay high prices to keep them well groomed.

  1. Of course for anyone thinking about getting into the dog grooming business they must be able dog friendly people. To have the patients and people skills to deal with both animals and people, will keep your costumers coming back.
  2. Master the skill of dog grooming. A quick search online or in the yellow pages will show you the closest schools in your area. A community college or a trade school will probably have what you’re looking for. Most classes will require about 300 hours of class time.
  3. You will then have to choose a location. If you have a dedicated area of your house where you can do this, then that will be great if you want to work from home. If not you can always check at local grooming salons, they usually offer a grooming booth to rent out. If you’re feeling extremely adventurous you can always rent out a building to operate your business.
  4. When you start taking clients, make sure that your salon is a very friendly and comfortable area for both dogs and humans. There should be little noises and not a lot to get the animals distracted or overly excited.
  5. Advertising will be the next thing for you to do. You should take out an advertisements in your local papers offering your dog grooming salon services. And you can always place your advertisements on the various sites online or even start your own website. Word of mouth is probably the best way to gain my clients. Make sure you keep your clients happy and treat them well, and your dog grooming salon will blossom.

Offer other services. People love to spend money on their pets. Offer shampooing, conditioning, drying, cuts, nail clipping and even nail painting. All in all keep your prices reasonable. You don’t want to scare people always because you’re over priced. As time goes on and you have a well established business you can raise them slightly. Check with other dog grooming salons in the area and see how they rate.

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