How To Run Fast And Jump High In Halo 3

If you are new to the adventures of Master Chief and just got your ass handed to you in a multiplayer match, you are probably wondering how to run fast and jump high in "Halo 3." Though you can finish the single player campaign without this knowledge, you will never last long in multiplayer games without these skills. Technically, there is no real way to run faster or jump higher in "Halo 3." There are no secret button combinations or anything like that. What you can do is learn how to tweak your character moves just enough to give you an advantage.

To run fast and jump high in "Halo 3," you will need:

  • Xbox 360
  • Halo 3
  • Sword
  • An opposable thumb
  1. Faster Master Chief. Since there is no way to run fast or sprint in "Halo 3," how did the other player suddenly speed up his attacks and whoop you silly? It is called lunging and the quickest way to take out another player is a direct melee attack at the other player’s head.
  2. To achieve this crucial and entertaining skill, you will need to have the energy sword.
  3. Watch your targeting reticule as you get close to the other player.
  4. Wait for it to change to red and then press the right trigger. Getting the distance and timing down will take some practice.  
  5. Leaping Master Chief. Knowing how to jump high in "Halo 3" will help you get out of tight situations and also help you reach previously unavailable spots. If you watch other players in multiplayer matches you may notice some people do a curious crouching jump move. This move is called anything from ‘The Ghandi’ to simply ‘crouch jumping’.
  6. Crouch jumping helps your character keep their feet from slipping off the higher ledges. Basically, you compact your Master Chief and he scoots himself just over the ledge. This technique will help you find all the secret goodies in the game and is also the best way to strafe other players in combat.



  • Practice the sword lunge a lot for easy kills.
  • If you are new to the game, work on moving in a serpentine pattern and jump a lot. Jumping diagonally while firing is a crucial skill in multiplayer competition.
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