How To Run Faster In Soccer

Most soccer players already have some speed, but every player would like to know how to run faster in soccer. If you play soccer, increasing your speed will make you a more dangerous player. You will not be able to run faster in soccer overnight, so plan on spending some time working out until you increase your speed to your desired level.

To run faster in soccer, you will need:

  • Running shoes
  • Watch
  • Access to a track
  • Weightlifting Equipment
  1. Do some leg workouts with weights to run faster in soccer. Go to a gym and do some leg exercises. These should include barbell squats for your quadriceps muscles, leg curls for your hamstrings and calf raises for your lower legs. Workout with medium-sized weights and try to do ten to twelve repetitions for three or more sets for each leg exercise.  
  2. Go to a school track and workout to run faster in soccer. Nothing can help your speed like actual running, so do some sprints for short distances on the track. Wear comfortable running shoes, and use a runner’s watch to time your sprints. Try to run 40 yard dashes, 100 yard dashes and one full lap around the track which is usually 440 yards. Do three to five sprints at each distance, and train two or three times each week to run faster in soccer.  
  3. Do some plyometrics to increase your speed. These are jumping exercises that help to improve your agility and quickness. To perform a plyometric exercise, bend your knees and then jump forward as far as you can. When you land, bend your knees again. Turn around and try to jump back to the spot where you started. Repeat this ten times. Another plyometric exercise to try is the same movement, but only land on one foot. Once your landing foot hits the ground, bring the other foot down so you don’t lose your balance. Turn around and jump back and land on the opposite foot. Repeat this ten times with each foot.
  4. Improve your diet to run faster in soccer. Get rid of the fast food and start to eat healthier. This will give you more energy, which can help you improve your soccer speed. Make sure you are getting enough calories, but try to stay away from fatty foods. Monitor your weight and increase or decrease your calories as needed.
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