How To Run A Mile

Learning how to run a mile is not difficult.  More and more people are choosing running as their preferred form of cardiovascular exercise. This high impact exercise burns calories and fat faster than any other exercise. Running your first mile is a milestone that many new runners never forget. Preparing yourself for a comfortable run requires a few steps.

  1. Wear proper sneakers before you run.  Running is a high impact sport and requires shoes with proper shock absorption. Consider buying sneakers especially made for running. These shoes have a thick arch for extra support.
  2. Use a pedometer for your run.  A pedometer typically measures steps taken at a given time and these steps convert to miles on your pedometer. Keeping a pedometer on you will tell you when you reached your mile.
  3. Map out a one mile distance ahead of time.  Mapping out a full mile ahead of time gives you perspective of how far you will need to run.
  4. Stretch before you run.  Your muscles need to warm up before you run. Consider doing lunge and hamstring stretches by bending your knee and pulling your foot behind you. Stretch the calves and shins by standing on your toes and flexing them. Next, rotate your stance by flexing your feet and landing on your heels.
  5.  Breathe properly while running. Running requires measured breathing. Make sure you take deep breaths and exhale at the same pace throughout your run. Erratic breathing causes stitches on your side. While this slight discomfort is not dangerous it can keep you from completing your mile.
  6. Stand up straight and take full strides forward. Proper posture eliminates the possibility of back pain and discomfort.  
  7. Cool down by stretching.  Cooling down stretches your muscles and lessens the potential for soreness.
  8. Stay hydrated after your run. Drink water after you finish your run or you risk dehydration.

Running a mile requires preparation. Take the time to follow these steps and you’ll soon be off to a good start.  



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