How To Run In Place Properly

If you want to learn how to run in place properly, you're likely interested in the positive effects that properly running in place can have. Learning how to properly run in place can be a great tool for any workout routine and does not require any special equipment nor a lot of time. It is very simple to learn to run in place properly; it doesn't differ much from what you would expect to do when running normally. The key to running in place properly is to remember that when running in place, the goal is to work out, and therefore running in place can be more intense than running regularly. Always wear running shoes, such as sneakers, when attempting to run in place.

  1. Get into a running position. Choose a location where there are not many objects around when attempting to run in place. Get into standard running position before attempting to run in place properly. Place your legs together and your hands at your sides. Face forward and focus on an object directly in front of you.
  2. Begin the leg movement. Begin to properly run in place by moving your legs in a running motion. Lift each leg all the way up so that your knee comes to hip level. Repeat this process and continue to run in place. Remember to always lift your knees all the way up to hip level.
  3. Pump your arms. Begin to pump your arms as you would normally when running. Remember to continue to lift your knees all the way to your hips when running in place.
  4. Form a steady pace. Pump your arms back and forth as each leg goes up and down. Get yourself into a steady pace of properly running in place and continue to run.

If you own a treadmill, it can be a great tool to use once you've mastered running in place properly to further augment your workout.

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