How To Run A Sprinkler Pipe Under Concrete

Need to know how to run a sprinkler pipe under concrete? Running a sprinkler pipe under concrete is oftentimes a necessary project, but a difficult one. The level of difficulty lies in the size of the concrete slab the sprinkler pipe runs under. If it is a small sidewalk or walkway, the job will be accomplished fairly easily. If the sprinkler pipe will lie under a large driveway, the job will be long and difficult, but possible.

To run a sprinkler pipe under concrete, you will need:

  • A threaded metal pipe
  • A reducer fitting
  • A shovel
  • A water supply
  • A garden hose
  • A handheld garden shovel
  1. Buy a length of threaded metal pipe sour to six inches longer than the concrete slab and one to 1 1/2 inches in diameter bigger. Buy a reducer fitting with one end the size of the metal pipe and the other end the size of the garden hose. Use the reducer to attach the metal pipe to the end of the garden hose.
  2. Dig a hole on each side of the concrete slab. It should be approximately twelve inches wide next to the concrete and two to four inches deeper than the gravel base of the concrete. The sprinkler pipe will run through the dirt under the concrete, not through the gravel. Verify the hole positioning directly across from each other.
  3. Dig a hole under the gravel base as far as possible with a small handheld garden shovel. This is the start of the hole the sprinkler pipe runs through.
  4. Stick the metal pipe with the attached hose into the hole. Turn the water on full blast. Poke and prod at the dirt to force the water to wash it away and bore a large enough hole for the sprinkler pipe to fit through. Continue to push and press through the dirt under the concrete until the pipe becomes visible in the hole on the other side of the concrete.
  5. Turn the water off and disconnect the garden hose and metal pipe. Push the sprinkler pipe through the existing metal pipe.

Consider finding a new route for the sprinkler pipe if the concrete slab is massive. The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but the straight line may not always be the most economical. This sprinkler installation project could be quite messy and time consuming.



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