How To Run A Successful Janitorial Business

Need to know how to run a successful janitorial business? Are you considering running a successful janitorial business but do not know how to start? A janitorial business can generate an income if you operate the business the right way. This kind of work involves working mostly at night. You will provide cleaning services for businesses and the business owners will pay you for those services.

  1. Keep in mind that you do not need to have any special skills to run a successful janitorial business. Visit your local city or county office and apply for a permit or a license to run a janitorial business and ask the clerk if there are any other requirements for your janitorial business.
  2. Apply for your state’s Department of Revenue tax ID number to begin running a successful janitorial business. Apply for your federal tax ID number. You will need tax ID numbers to pay taxes and to operate the janitorial business legally.
  3. Formulate a business plan to run a successful janitorial business and explain in your marketing section how you are going to get businesses to use your janitorial services. Write the management section to show exactly how you will operate your janitorial business each day and organize your financial statements to review and monitor cash coming in to the business and cash going out of the business.
  4. To start running a successful janitorial business, you will need ordinary household cleaning supplies and equipment. Find cleaning supplies and equipment manufacturers by looking them up or by visiting your local general store. Prepare yourself by purchasing mops and buckets, brooms, cleaning rags, window cleaner and all-purpose cleaner. Obtain also a vacuum cleaner along with some trash bags. You will also need transportation to get to the work sites.
  5. Running a successful janitorial business will require you to be able to mop floors, sweep floors and vacuum floors. Get ready to dust tables and cabinets and clean commodes. Prepare your self to lift and empty bags of trash and refill soap dispensers. These are some of the job duties you will have to perform if you want to run a janitorial business successfully.
  6. Find a small doctor’s office or a small business that needs to be cleaned and offer your janitorial business services. Learn how long the job will take you to complete. Calculate the amount of supplies you will need and what areas will need to be cleaned.
  7. Make a check list to help you run your janitorial business successfully. The check list is a list of everything that needs to be cleaned in the building. Developing a check list will help you and the owner to come up with a price that will satisfy you and the owner. Also, it is a good idea to look for work that you can do outside the building, like cleaning up leaves and grass in the parking lot.
  8. Promote and advertise your janitorial business to run it successfully. Visit the print shop or office supply store and order business cards and business office forms.
  9. Tell friends and family about your new janitorial business. Pass out your business cards to business owners in your area and explain to them what you do. Sign up with your local area chamber of commerce office to network with other business owners.
  10. Search for local, state and federal janitorial contracts in your area. Target schools, businesses, hospitals and any office building that may need to be cleaned. Read newspapers and utilize the internet to help locate these contracts. Try to get all your business owners to sign up for a service agreement so that you will have a steady stream of revenue coming in each month for your janitorial business.
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